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Est 1906

For over 100 years the Balcomo Lodge has been a mainstay in the South Okanagan, discover how we're bringing it back to serve a new generation.

Our Story

Welcome to The Balcomo Hotel, where our team transcends the typical work dynamic – we're a closely-knit family, and that sentiment extends graciously to our guests. Think of us as the sophisticated, grown-up version of the family you choose. As you step into our haven, anticipate a warm welcome that goes beyond customary greetings. Should it have been a while since our last encounter, expect us to rise and greet you with genuine affection, creating an ambiance steeped in timeless warmth and hospitality. While hugs aren't obligatory, they are heartily embraced, offering a touch of familiarity for those who have been away. The Balcomo aims to provide an enduring experience, where every guest is treated as an esteemed member of our timeless family.

Our Team

Our team today is filled by a passionate, fun group of individuals that work hard every day that strive to foster a sense of togetherness and genuine care within our team, treating each other not just as colleagues but as family.

Our Mission

At Balcomo, we are dedicated to creating a welcoming haven where guests are treated like family. Our team, rooted in the Agur Family's century-long legacy, works together to provide heartfelt hospitality. Our mission is to extend this familial warmth to our guests, offering a unique and memorable experience in our courtyard hotel retreat.

Our Vision

Balcomo envisions being the preferred destination for those seeking more than accommodation – a home away from home. As stewards of the Agur Family legacy, we aim to greet every guest like a long-lost family member. Through continuous improvement and passionate dedication, we aspire to create cherished memories and ensure that guests leave feeling truly embraced by the Balcomo family.

Our Inspiration

Let me take you on a journey through the heart and history of The Balcomo Hotel, where tradition meets modern comfort in the picturesque setting of Penticton, BC.

Back in 1991, the Agur Family took the reins of this property, the family has been deeply rooted in the history of the South Okanagan since the days of RH Agur, who settled in 1904 and built the first homestead in Balcomo and what we now know as Prairie Valley in Summerland. It's where the story of the Agur Family began, and it's the reason we chose to name this property Balcomo. Here at The Balcomo, our roots are intertwined with the vibrant history and passion that define the Okanagan. It's who we are, through and through.

Fast forward to today, and I'm thrilled to be managing this incredible place, following in the footsteps of my parents, Janice Agur and Robin Agur, who first transformed the quaint 52-room Pilgrim House into the gem it is today. Fun fact: even Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne graced our courtyard back in 1971!

Over the years, my parents poured their hearts and souls into the property, reinvesting and reinventing to create the unique courtyard hotel retreat you see today. From adding a new building with 42 rooms overlooking the Penticton Golf and Country Club in 1999 to expanding to the second-floor courtyard rooms in 2002, each project holds a special place in my childhood memories.

You see, Balcomo isn't just a hotel to me – it's a part of who I am. Those childhood moments of watching my parents breathe new life into this place ignited a passion within me that drives my commitment to making continuous improvements year after year. So, as you step into The Balcomo, know that you're not just entering a building – you're stepping into a piece of my families history, a place where every corner holds a story, and where every guest is welcomed like family.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you,

Jessica (Agur) Dolan
General Manager

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